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Action Wellbeing provides coaching and consultancy services to support companies seeking help with their workplace wellbeing offering.

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Workplace Wellbeing is the foundation of a healthy, happy and comfortable workforce. We believe leaders should be equipped with the knowledge and resources to identify and fulfil the mental and physical health requirements of their workforce. They should be responsible for creating a nurturing and inspiring environment for their employees and they should feel confident to empower employees to take ownership of their own wellbeing.

Employees spend on average 80,000 hours at work in their lifetime and case studies have concluded that helping employees to improve their health and wellbeing at work and educating them to manage their wellbeing in their everyday lives improves performance, reduces sick leave and increases motivation. Studies have found that companies that provide workplace wellbeing support also experience improved financial performance.

Our founder Helena Field has devised three packages to support leaders with wellbeing in the workplace utilising her pathway to enlightened Workplace Wellbeing:

ACTION Workplace Wellbeing

Audit and Wellbeing Programming


LEADING Workplace Wellbeing

Management Coaching and Support


Employee Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring


Bespoke consultancy packages are available based on the needs of the organisation. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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