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Happy, Healthy and Comfortable

Action Wellbeing was established by Helena Field, a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and a respected Fitness, Spa and Wellbeing Manager

Helena has run some of the UK’s most prestigious Spa and Wellbeing facilities including Champneys in Tring, Harrods in Knightsbridge, Pennyhill Park in Surrey and Mandarin Oriental in London. More recently Helena was General Manager of the UK Spa Association; championing spa and wellness across the UK.

Wellbeing has always featured heavily in Helena’s career but it wasn’t until she faced chronic stress and burnout in 2016 that she began a personal journey to revive her own wellbeing and it was while on this journey that she began to acknowledge how vital it was not just to nurture her own individual wellbeing at home but also to have the tools available within her workplace and support within her hometown community if she was to thrive again.

Helena was fortunate to be able to access information and experts via the Spa and Wellness sector, she sought initiatives in her community, worked with coaches and did extensive personal research to allow her to experience and understand the benefits of quality sleep, nutrition, exercise, meaning, connectedness and self-care on her mental and physical health. She has spent four years exploring the world of wellbeing and it has helped her thrive again in spite of her own personal challenges which has included coping with autoimmune disease, divorce, grief, burnout, anxiety and chronic stress. She has experienced first-hand the damaging effects life’s challenges can have on you both mentally and physically and now knows that with the right tools and information, help is at hand.

Helena believes everyone should have access to support, information, training, coaching and initiatives that support their wellbeing and this is why Action Wellbeing was born. Wellbeing is the state of being happy, healthy, and comfortable, it is fundamental to the overall physical and mental health of an individual and it is the foundation of a life where one won’t simply exist but will instead thrive!

Action Wellbeing will empower employers to find a place for wellbeing in the workplace, support communities with wellbeing initiatives and encourage individuals to take ownership of their own personal wellbeing journeys.

By actioning wellbeing in their workplace, their communities and their personal life, an individual has the opportunity to live as a healthy, happy and comfortable being.

‘Let us not just exist, let us thrive! Let our wellbeing be the foundation of everything’

Helena Field, Founder & Managing Director, Action Wellbeing

Why Action Wellbeing?

We pride ourselves in providing a professional and friendly service. Our key values are at the heart of the business and direct us in everything we do

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