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Coaching and Mentoring

We provide coaching for employees at any level in a business, specialising in supporting their personal and workplace wellbeing goals. It is an opportunity for employees to share and understand their wellbeing challenges, identify any obstacles and establish a way forward.

Our coaches work intuitively to guide each coaching session and tailor them to the employees specific needs and requirements. Through powerful questions, deliberate listening and experience they will work with your employee to find a positive way forward and empower the next stage of their wellbeing journey.

Common themes we explore include:

  • Finding purpose and direction
  • Managing and reducing stress
  • Relationships with food
  • Managing change and uncertainty
  • Challenges in relationships – work/personal
  • Coping with health issues
  • Feeling overwhelmed and busy
  • Challenges in the workplace or within your business
  • How to achieve self-care and how to manage your personal wellbeing on a day to day basis

Key Benefits:

  • Opportunity for employees to speak to someone who is independent/unbiased

  • Variety of coaching packages available for Executives, Leaders and Employees
  • We devise a bespoke action plan for every individual

Group/Team sessions also available. Please contact us for a free 20 minute consultation to establish your requirements.

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