Creativity for Wellbeing

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    ‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun’ Mary Lou Cook

    Creativity is in all of us and simply requires use of our imaginations to produce and develop something. It is something we use in all aspects of our lives, when we are work, when carrying out hobbies, when decorating our homes and when coming up with ideas to entertain our kids.

    Accessing and applying our creativity is hugely impactful to our wellbeing. BBC Arts commissioned a study of 50,000 people across the UK in 2019 and found that taking part in creative activities helps us manage stress more effectively, face up to lifes challenges and explore solutions to problems.


    When you absorb yourself in a creative pursuit have you noticed how your mind focuses solely on the task at hand and as with mindfulness your awareness and attention is entirely in that moment. Being focused in that moment calms the mind as it stops it from wondering from thought to thought. Before you know it time has lapsed and you have had experienced a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    Feel good factor

    How great does it feel when we master a new skill or create something wonderful. During the last eight months many of us have experimented with new hobbies to pass the time or maybe because you have had more time on your hands than ever. Shops sold out of flour for breadmaking and baking, online craft stores saw a huge hike in sales and gardens have never looked so good. People were reporting a surprising feel good factor during an incredibly challenging time. Creative time brings joy as you experience a release of happy hormones and when you feel a sense of achievement it boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

    Bringing people together

    The beauty of being creative is that it often unites people, perhaps you join a creative workshop and get to share your experience with like-minded people. Or you may be part of a creative project at work, bouncing ideas off one another and sharing insights. It maybe that what you have created you have been able to gift to others and made someone feel special and loved.

    Freedom of expression

    Creativity allows you to express your thoughts, ideas and opinions in your own unique way. This can be especially liberating and empowering. Think of songwriters who perhaps draw on their life experiences to create something magical for our ears or artists who share what’s in their imagination on canvas. Privately it may be that you use your creativity to write poetry or a blog and use this space and time to express your thoughts.

    What 2020 has demonstrated is that there has never been a more vital time in our lives to get our creative juices flowing and see what joy it brings. Start that new hobby you have always wanted to try and fully absorb yourself into the process. Creativity is contagious and inspiring for others. Experiment, innovate, invent and play around but most importantly have fun with it.

    ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ Albert Einstein

    Helena Field, Founder, Action Wellbeing