Community Wellbeing

Action Wellbeing provides consultancy services to community groups seeking support with their approach to health and wellbeing.

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Action Wellbeing takes a fresh approach when supporting community groups such as local authorities, schools, councils, public amenities, leisure and tourism venues and town and village halls with their wellbeing offering. WE GIVE BACK.

Community Wellbeing is vital for humans to flourish and feel a deeper sense of belonging by sharing knowledge, supporting one another, enjoying interactions and building relationships. When implementing Wellbeing initiatives it is important to take an all-encompassing approach that is conducive to the wellbeing of every member of the community.

  • Green and Wellbeing Spaces

  • Connectedness
  • Health and Wellbeing offering

We believe by actioning wellbeing in your workplace, your personal life and within your community an individual has the opportunity to live as a healthy, happy and comfortable being.


Until the end of 2021 Action Wellbeing is offering 8 hours of FREE coaching/consultancy to one community group each month. These hours can be spread over one month or taken in one day. This is an opportunity to explore wellbeing as part of your community project, to delve deeper into your approach to wellbeing or to sound out ideas and initiatives.

In order to qualify for this FREE support please send us a detailed proposal outlining the wellbeing challenge you are facing and why you feel you would benefit from fresh eyes on it.

Examples of initiatives we can support:

  • Community Green Spaces

  • Wellbeing Programmes in the Community

  • Connectedness – uniting communities

  • Maximising wellbeing in community hubs

Bespoke Consultancy and Coaching support is also available. Please contact us for a free 20 minute consultation.

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